Premium handmade Kydex gun holsters, magazine carriers, and tactical gear.

Rated “92/100” – USA Carry.
The “Cutting-Edge” “comfortable draw” holster – Personal Defense World.
“The Best OWB Holster I Have Ever Used” – Big Johnson Guns & Gear.

Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty.

1441 Gear Is a family owned and operated business in NE Texas. We are dedicated to the purpose of creating innovative high quality Kydex holsters and mag carriers. We offer not only the basic colors but cutting edge Camo like Kryptek, ATAC’s, and Hexcam. Additionally we offer Several Textured Kydex options like Carbon Fiber and Basketweave. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all the products we manufacture. Thank you for choosing 1441 Gear; we take seriously your trust in us to help you defend yourself, your family, and your nation.