Paratus OWB Holster


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The best tactical concealment holsters on the market

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This Holster was designed in partnership With Paratus Armory X, S.W.A.T. training officers, and US Air Marshall training officers. The Paratus holster is designed to have a minimal footprint and yet have maximum adjustability and concealability. One of the most pressing needs form this project was a holster you can draw from while seated or driving a car. And this holster delivers!! We have been making this holster for 8 years now and we know it is the best tactical concealment holsters on the market.


All our holsters are built to accommodate following:

  • Cut for most Red dot/Holographic optics
  • Open muzzle for a Threaded barrel
  • Tall sight channel for suppressor height or oversized sights.
  • Shooters cut to help get you on target faster


Attachment points along the slide and rear of the holster are uniformly spaced, allowing the attachments to be moved up or down so you can change the cant from -10° to +20° and adjust the ride height as well.  A set of retention screws is located below the trigger guard, allowing you to adjust the retention to your desired firmness.



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