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The Shultz Tuckable UltiClip IWB


Our Most concealable holster

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  • The Shultz Tuckable UltiClip IWB uses a Clip similar to suspenders but much stronger.
  • Because of the UltiClip you do not need to use a belt with this holster. You can actually wear this holster with sweat pants, gym shorts, or even yoga pants.
  • Because of its design, the holster can be taken on and off easily while fully dressed and you are able to tuck your shirt in behind the UltiClip
  • The edges are rounded and smoothed to a matte finish.
  • Edge of trigger guard is exposed so you can get a full grip while holstered.
  • The body of the holster is made from .08 Kydex.
  • The belt UltiClip is made from heavy duty spring steel.

Tilt or Cant

  • The Holster comes set to 0° cant and is not adjustable

Concealment Fin and RCS Claw

  • The concealment fin pushes against the belt rotating the grip of the gun into the body. Ideal for any carry position.
  • The RCS Claw does the same as the fin but is much more aggressive. Ideal for appendix carry but may be too much for other carry positions.


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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


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